Hello world!

Don’t be jealous now. You know that YOU are the coolest wife ever right? Isn’t that what every woman wants? To be so awesome that your spouses friends give you this title. I can tell you, it is hard work. I never set out to earn this title. It just happened – but then you have to MAINTAIN, right?

So, who am I really? – you ask. I am (obviously…) a wife. Sex pot and I have been married for twelve years. More than two hands – we have moved into toes now. I am also a mother. Mouthy is our oldest son; age 10. Punk is our youngest son; age 8. We have one male of the canine variety, two of the feline and two females as well. I am a addict. Three main addictions. Food, pop and sex. I have never smoked a day in my life, nor have I done drugs. Don’t let this fool you – I am not, by any means, innocent…. but then again, who is really? We all have something we enjoy that we know we shouldn’t do, right?

Today is a day off of work. You all know what that means? That means I am working harder now than if I was at work – cleaning house, laundry, dishes, cooking, making a blog! – does it ever end?

Well, I’ll sign off for now. If you wanna chat in the comments, feel free. I like company!

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. tasiasmama says:

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