Weekend fun (or was it? dum, dum, dummmmm)

The weekend seemed to drag on forever. Up earlier than a weekday to head to Big City North to spend entirely too much money getting the Money Pit worked on. Nothing like taking it in for an oil change, and ending up getting coolant flush and other misc crap done. Of course there are always things they find wrong… and as soon as you get home something is magically broken! URGH!

Next was to drive to Big City East to watch some friends compete in karate. It wasn’t bad. There was some nice eye candy so that helped!

Off to supper with the friends. I did score a gift card deal, so that worked out in my favor. Home then to throw down our wrath on Mouthy and Punk. They were entirely out of hand for the neighbor. Guess we’ll find out how they enjoy each other. They have crayons, paper, books and each other the next two weeks. Toys and electronics are GONE for the duration!

Sunday was a well rested day really. Lounged around, went to Sex Pot’s grandma’s for lunch, chatted with the family for hours, then home to veg some more.

La De Da!

WTF is up with the Bieber winning all that crap last night? Seriously? (I do have to say I like that song…don’t know the title…maybe “Pray”?) But to beat out Usher and Eminen?! What is this world coming to?!

Terra Talking is a new blog I have just recently started reading. Her most recent posts are about her daughter who is currently in the hospital not doing so hot. Check her out and throw some good thoughts there way please. There is nothing worse than having a child sick and hospitalized with the holidays fast approaching.

One reason I am THE coolest wife EVER : 40 Days of Sex Countdown to Christmas

I don’t know if this is a thing anywhere else, I made it up! That’s right peeps. Sex Pot and I are making it our duty to have sex every night for 40 nights. There are 33 left till Christmas – jump right in!!! (It definitely helps in the romance department. I have been getting lots of kisses and hugs from no where the past 7 days…)

Peace out!

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