Last night was amazing

I slept. I REALLY slept! It poured buckets for hours here and I slept better than I have in months; maybe years… I fall slept for 7 hours straight; woke feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world. ThankyoubabyJesus!

I was bragging the other day that I was done shopping for the kiddos already. Then the kids screwed up. We saw how very bad Nerf guns would be for them – so now I must take them all back. Boooo.

My sister came back for the week. Her family was relocated out of state this summer. I hate it. My niece and nephew are sooooo stinkin cute! I just want to eat them up – last night I did. I made mashed potatoes, peanut butter chip cookies and little cupcakes with cream cheese icing. My mom made chicken and noodles. Mmmm. Love me some comfort food.

Sex Pot works in the appliance repair business. It cracks us up that EVERY year, without fail, there is a crazy huge ginormous amount of people that apparently don’t cook with the exception of Thanksgiving. It started yesterday. Had 15+ voicemails when he walked in the door, and just while he took messages from those voicemails recieved 10 more. People that don’t know their ovens don’t work until they think to check them the weekend before Thanksgiving. So, my helpful hint to you people – if you fail to use your stove for any other time of year – don’t wait till the week before Thanksgiving to check them. It will just result in lots of panic on your part as you a) buy a new appliance because the appliance repair man has 50+ other people they have talked to in front of you and just can’t fit you in or b) sneakily buy your Thanksgiving turkey and pray to pass it on as your own.

I myself have a busy day as well – peace out!

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