Let the feasting begin!

Tomorrow is it – the Big Feast – Thanksgiving! Woo hooo! I love me some turkey. Throw in some mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dressing and yeast rolls and I am HAPPY!!! There is nothing better than sitting around the living room in the post turkey haze looking at ads with the ones you tolerate because it’s Thanksgiving love. I am in charge of the deviled eggs and yeast rolls. Many years of watching my grandma has paid off. I can now make noodles and rolls with ease.

Yesterday I was feeling kinda like a momma loser. Mouthy and Punk got in trouble this weekend. BIG trouble. Grounded till they die kinda trouble. We took away everything but their beds and crayons. Well, what can we expect that two kids with nothing to do would do when stuck inside together, but fight? So I bought some games (ridiculously priced I might add…) for us to play together. Last night was a rousing game of  Skip Bo – which I won! Not sure what it will be tonight – Uno, Yahtzee,  Farkle, or Monopoly are the other games. I’m hoping for Yahtzee!

I am lover of all things Christmas. Music can be found being played the entire day when I get the chance to be home alone. How can you be not be happy and busy while listening to sweet upbeat songs about gifts and love? I love the lights. I LOVE shopping and gift giving!

Time to get the kids out the door. Peace out!

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