Holy heck batman!

I went to the local community center yesterday. At 5am. To walk. (I don’t DO cold) It went well. I walked for an hour! Whoohoo! Great first day of “exercise” me! Then I saw the sign… half off enrollment fee starting 12/1 at the gym in the community center. So I stopped to inquire. Next thing I know my butt is on a scale, measuring tapes are flying and I am signing away my first born son signing on the line for a 2yr commitment to get my arse outta bed at an ungodly hour to justify this new monthly expenditure.

It’s gotta be a great start to the day when you find out that in “clinical terms” you are MORBIDLY OBESE. Seriously?! WTHeck?! I clean houses for a living…I clean my house without help, I dress myself, I can tie my frackin shoes, I fit it a car, I can walk out my own door, I can wash all my body bits myself……and on and on….  Yes, I am FAT. I got that. I own up to that. But good grief, MORBIDLY OBESE. No way in hell.

Four years ago, I was not! I suffered from migraines. I was put on Topamax. Wham! Migraines gone, and it was taking my fat right along with it! I lost some weight and felt magical – so I joined the gym. My employer at the time had an awesome rate for us to join AND they started a “biggest loser” team competition as an added incentive. The team that won got MP3 players and money! Whoohoo! It was on. 8 weeks later MY team had won! I was so happy. Once you get down to goal weight (145 was my goal), what do you do next? Apparently I should have asked someone else – because obviously my solution was to quit going to the gym, eat whatever the heck I could and gain back entirely too much weight.

So here I am – migraines back, but uninsured so there’s no chance in heck I can afford to get back on it – “pretending” I feel magical like I did when I joined last time. My butt will be there M,W,F at 5 am and at some point on T, TH, Sa (they don’t open till 8am those days and that won’t work for me). Bonus: I get to take a SHOWER. I don’t remember the last SHOWER I took. We have a tub only and I hate it. YEAH SHOWER!

Welp – off to work I run.

Peace Out!

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