Wow, what a week!

Another reason I am the coolest wife ever. Just the night before last I allowed Sex Pot to use my bed in my bedroom as a sawhorse to saw wood. AGH.

So, let’s catch up. Tuesday was the first “official” day at the gym. I met with the trainer and the first thing that crazy beotch lovely woman did was put me on the elliptical. I hate the elliptical. After that 10mins of torture was over we moved around this circuit track of machines to tone every inch of your body. Lovely. It wasn’t too terrible though, and after stretching and my SHOWER I felt amazing!

Wednesday I went back, this time just doing treadmill and finishing with the elliptical. Then I came home and baked. All day long. A friend requested oatmeal walnut  and peanut butter chip cookies, so I obliged. You all know that when you have oatmeal in the house you MUST make Chocolate/Pb No Bake cookies right?! Sex Pot loves him some snickerdoodles – I couldn’t leave him out ….  The best part about baking all day? You are too sick of seeing cookies that you don’t want to eat them!!! SCORE!!! If anyone wants cookies – for real – I will ship them out to you (just charging shipping)! thecoolestwifeever @ gmail . com  – email me and we will get it set up! A dear friend’s uncle passed away so we had to go to the viewing last night as well.

Today – I have been home cleaning house. Top to bottom it is scrubbed clean!!!  3 loads of laundry left to fold and I am done for the day. Punk has to decorate a paper ornament tonight, Sex Pot is cooking dinner – so I believe Mouthy, Punk and I will be playing a game of Monopoly!

What are YOU doing today?!

For those keeping track – 23 days till Christmas (wink, wink)!!!

Peace Out!

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