My hobby as Christmas time approaches…

I love baking. Very much. As soon as the leaves start falling from the trees my oven starts it’s winter workout. This is actually my first year making these to die for cupcakes. Vanilla with cream cheese frosting, and homemade light blue sugar sprinkles. So cute. Tonight’s variety will be adorned with yellow sprinkles and Dora toppers for my first – born niece Mo. She will be turning three in a couple of weeks. They live out of state and will be here tonight for us all to celebrate Christmas, her birthday as well as Sister in Law’s.


I drank the first cup of hot cocoa for time this winter season last night. Voila! Woke up this morning to 3 inches of snow. Since the beginning of time as long as my brother and I can remember every night my brother and I drink hot cocoa on the same night it snows. Never ever has it failed us. It’s our tradition. Now, as we are grown up, we text each other let each other know it’s a cocoa night. Gotta love tradition.

My dear Sex Pot seems to believe that this occurs because of my voodoo ways. ( I do not practice voodoo, whatever the crap that entails…) He believes in my ability to make things happen. I make the money work when there is squat there to deal with. I can make this house sparkling within the blink of an eye. He is most curious with the fact that every time we are playing around and he calls me pet names (bitch…lol) or mouths off – somehow some part of his body magically hurts. Dirty look – he will get a pain in the arm. Mouthy – burning in the gut. (these are just examples – not on cue…but something happens almost immediately) So he lovingly calls me his VooDoo Bitch. 🙂

I am almost done Christmas shopping! Yeah!!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Peace Out!

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