I’ve been discovered. . . .

Sex Pot found my blog. I was checking it out from his work one day I was up there and didn’t clear the history. One look at the blog title and he knew it was mine. I mean, he did give me the name… LOL. I don’t care that he knows. I was just not telling people I know about it until I made sure I wasn’t making an idiot of myself first. 🙂

Looking back at the cupcake pic in the last post – totally did not put that Big Bird cup there for a prop. Mouthy or Punk had it on the counter and I guess I didn’t see it.  It is rather fitting – those “pupcakes” were most definitely YUM. Isn’t the cup cute? Totally retro. Circa early 1980’s.

Sooooooo. My morning started out CRAPPILY. (word? I think so…) I woke up at 3am – side effect of the water/tea. My alarm was set for 4:30. I finally got back to sleep at 3:45. So the alarm goes off, I get up, get dressed, pack the gym bag, stop by the gas station for a 32oz  water and I’m off to the gym. I get there around 4:55am. They don’t open till 5. I sit, and sit, and sit and sit some more. A truck pulls up. Yeah, they are here! Nope. It was another gym patron. He apparently lived close – he came and went 3 times before I finally headed home at 5:30. No gym employee in sight. NOT COOL.

I came home, reset the alarm and hopped back in my warm bed. (6* outside today…) Sex Pot rolled over onto his back. Snoring commenced, as did some huffing, puffing, poking and finally the “ROLL OVER!” He did; I began to drift off to sleep. His phone rings. His phone rings again. Alarm goes off. AGHHHHHH.

I have managed to redecorate the Christmas tree from week 1 kitty destruction. I have also cleaned the rest of the house back up – including the kitty house construction mess. It is more like a kitty tree house on crack. Except not in a tree. In my bedroom. Here’s some shots of it in action.









Eventually it will get some stain and carpet added. Sex Pot and Neighbor finished this masterpiece last night. They are so awesome.

Well, laundry is calling. Peace Out!


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