It is freezing!

It is freezing here. Very frackin cold. I hate the cold. Well, I guess hate is a strong word. I despise the cold. Only thing it does is cause trouble for people. Well, I guess it kills fleas. Maybe I like the cold a little. This summer was brutal on my pets because of all the fleas outside. I am glad to see them gone. It is still too cold though.

Speaking of glad things are gone – a few weeks ago The President of the United States visited Big City North. If you recall, Sex Pot works in Big City North. I don’t know if you’ve ever been somewhere when the Head Cheese comes to town – but they basically shut down a 2-3 mile radius of him at all times. Highways, all sidestreets, heck even the sidewalks. I had the pleasure of being stuck on a bridge for 30 mins waiting on the Head Cheese to drive through. I did manage to snap some pics. His caravan is HUGE!!! Take a look.

Ok, so out of 15 pics this is really the only one with anything in it. See all the black vehicles!? They just kept coming!











I guess it is pretty neat to think that is probably as close as I will ever get to a US President. Sex Pot got closer. Much closer. His work is right on the street they are turning off of in these pictures so he got a GREAT video of the whole caravan driving by. So he was within FEET of the Pres. That is cool.

My day today is gonna be crazy busy so I need to hop off here and get Mouthy and Punk up and gone. Peace Out!

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