Christmas Time’s a Comin!

Have I mentioned before that I love Christmas? Well, I LOVE Christmas!

Growing up, we didn’t have much. We had a house, a little heat in the winter, no air conditioner, no cable tv, no internet. Taco Bell was a treat! When most families would spend Saturday grocery shopping and lunch as a family – we went to Aldi’s to get enough to get through the week and shared a bag of chips as lunch on the way home. I remember being the “special” girl in my class, and my sister in her’s, being picked to go on a “special” shopping trip to a local store to get SHOES one winter. They made us feel so special that day, oblivious until I was older that “special” meant we were poorest and needed shoes so the teachers pitched in and bought us some.

We didn’t get new things through the year except for our birthday, unless a grandparent took us out shopping. Either my grandma took us to her hairdresser for haircuts, or my mom did it. Heck, my mom pierced my ears (crookedly) – numbed them with frozen apples. We didn’t eat meat unless it was something my dad killed.

Christmas was so special. We would go down to grandma’s house and bake treats, make candy and have a great time with my aunts. On Christmas morning, we would sneak down the stairs in awe. There were lots of packages! Mostly clothes, but still! New underwear! New socks! A dress! Pajamas! New hats and gloves! There was always a toy or two, plastic earrings, rings and lip gloss in our stocking! I remember one Christmas – the happiest Christmas I remember – we got a NINTENDO!!! It was sooooooo cool! Yeah, they might have been out for two years already, but so what! Santa brought us one! I also remember my dad always made it a big deal to surprise my mom with something after us kids were done opening our presents. Our first Christmas in our 2nd house, mom got a MICROWAVE!!!

On Christmas Eve every year we went to my Grandma Great’s. It is about a 2 hour drive away. We got to see this side of the family only 4 times a year, so it was always fun times. We would go upstairs and play with all the cousins (LOTS OF THEM). Grandma bought for everyone down there. We came home with the loot! Presents from Grandma. Gift cards from aunts and uncles. Always something homemade from our Uncle. My favorite part was always the ride home. We would listen to the local radio station – who played Christmas music all night long – and also had the Santa updates. You would keep yourself awake looking at the Christmas lights on the houses and looking in the sky for Rudolph’s nose!

Christmas will always hold a special place in my heart. Be happy, be full of cheer, be nice and thankful and merry!!! Don’t be a scrooge!

Peace Out!

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