Snowflakes are falling…

My bed is calling…..

It is snowing here in the land of corn. Not too much yet, but it could get nasty later tonight. My sister lives in the state to the west, and their town is basically shut down. Blizzard warnings, snow and 30 mph winds have landed. I hope we don’t get all that. I have to work tomorrow!

Kids are crazy sometimes. Mouthy and Punk have two bff’s here – we’ll call them Big Red and Little Red. 95% of the time we are home, either Big Red and Little Red are here or Mouthy and Punk are at their house. They are inseparable. Basically brothers they are these days. Which means they fight just like brothers. Making up rules and trying to be all bossy about who can come in and who can’t and why. Tattling to get one in trouble when in reality they all were doing the wrong thing. Playing and forgetting that the adults exist – which leads to “WHAT did you say…..???” First thing they do when the get up is to look across the street for lights on in the house so they can play. We drag them back to their respective homes at night and insist they go to bed. Weekends means they are together 24/7, usually at our house. Let me just say that I am glad that they are not mine and I CAN send them home when I need to. I couldn’t imagine having 4 kids…let alone 4 boys. 4 crazy boys. All that being said, I am glad Mouthy and Punk have bff’s that live so close and are pretty good kids (most of the time). Little Red’s cute curly red hair is just bonus….lol.

We are getting ready to head out to Sex Pot’s great grandma’s for our Sunday Lunch together. Much yummy food will be shared. Lots of ad looking will be done. Great times. Then back home to attack this house – that hasn’t been touched all weekend in my absence.

Peace Out!

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