10 days till Christmas! Whoohoo!

I still have shopping to do, and all of my wrapping but I am getting soooooooo excited! I love me some Christmas and I can’t wait! My kids are gonna be soooooo excited too! This is the first year that they know the man in the big red suit doesn’t exist except in our hearts. They asked for big things, and then a couple of smaller things. They know they are getting the big gifts – we have discussed it. What they DON’T know is that they are also getting a computer! They are gonna be shocked! We have totally played the “you aren’t getting much because we are broke” card. Little do they know ;-), they aren’t getting a big number of items because the items they are getting are NOT cheap! So there! 😉

I have been a baking fiend. Just packaged up my deliveries for today. It is awesome to think that my cooking is good enough that people want to buy it. As a matter of fact I just received another order when I hopped on facebook this morning. Score!

Have a great day ya’ll!

Peace Out!

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