Fever, the Pukes and the Squirts – OH MY!

Mouthy is sick. Really sick. He came home from school yesterday and was fine for a couple of hours. Quieter than usual though, but nothing to warn us of what was to come. Around 6 the Pukes started, very quickly followed by the Squirts. I don’t know about your kids, but Mouthy doesn’t DO sick well. Every episode of the Pukes results in lots of crying, yelling for cold rags, spitting abounds.

Throw into the mix 4 kittens who think it is their job to play with your face all night, and Punk who kept getting up to check for the 2 hour delay he finally recieved this morning (thank you snow…NOT) and this is one tired momma. Not to mention how my day is now all sorts of screwed up. My mom is supposed to be released from the hospital today, and I am supposed to take her home. I have to take Sex Pot to work, and now have to deal with Punk and this 2hr delay business. In the mix, I need to take care of Mouthy and have to be back in Big City North to take Sex Pot to the oral surgeon. UGH. Seriously. I need sleep people.

Such is the life of a mom I guess. Praying that no one else comes down with the Pukes or the Squirts….

Peace Out!

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