These are the days of our lives….

Mouthy is still sick. He tried eating some applesauce last night and then dry heaved 4 different times. Boo. He is tolerating water though, so we’ll just keep him home again and see what today brings. He is done erupting I’m pretty sure. A diaper on the hiney will pucker it shut fo sho, yo!

I have had the freaking worst sinus headaches this week. AGH!

Sex Pot went to the oral surgeon yesterday. He has had some back molar breakage and currently can’t even eat mashed potatoes. His cheek hits the area that is exposed and he about dies right in front of me. So today brings a nice and early surgery for him – taking out 3 teeth. Hoping for no puking on the 30min ride home. Also hoping for good drugs for him. Men are babies when it comes to pain. We birth babies, are sick, injured and just not well but are MOM, so we have to push on. Men hurt and are in bed in the fetal position.

Punk is fine. No headaches. No puking. No hurt teeth. YEAH!

Christmas is almost here! Woooohooooo!!!! I will be the retard out finishing my shopping 3 days before Christmas. Oh well, it means that I get out alone so it’s all good!

Peace Out!

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