Thank you so very much

The kids never share. They don’t like to give away what is their’s. Why then did they feel the need to share their stomach flu? While Sex Pot was back getting those three teeth cut out, the school nurse called. “Mrs. Coolestwife, Punk started out with a tummy ache this morning and now has started vomiting. You need to come pick him up…” Ugh, yeah. Ok! I am in Big City North with my husband who is at this moment getting 3 teeth cut out. He is going to have to stay there till I get back to town… So on the way home we swung by the school to pick up Punk. Mouthy was already home, so this made a full house at home. I drugged the three and put them to bed, then went to the pharmacy and store for supplies. Two hours later I joined the fight for the bathrooms. It was not pretty. Nothing stays inside your body longer than MINUTES after it goes in. You are weak, and dry and oh so achy.

Mouthy woke up this morning magically well, and Punk soon after. It is late afternoon and this is the first time I have been upright in 24hours. I am just beginning to feel human again. I have managed to keep down some applesauce and some jello now – SCORE.

So now I am stressing about Christmas shopping. I am thinking I will be finishing it up on Monday after one of my jobs. Are you guys done yet?

Tomorrow’s activites will include tackling this filthy house. Wish me luck.

Peace Out!

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