It’s the last day of school till the new year for Mouthy and Punk. I rearranged my schedule so that I only have 1 job the next two days so they will be at the sitter for just short periods of time. So of course we got 3 more inches of snow and now it’s drizzling so we have a 2 hour delay. I have 3 jobs to squeeze in to about 5 hours. Why me?!!!!!

We have gotten 3x’s the amount of snow than we normally do already in December this year. Makes me wish I owned a truck and a plow for sure.

I guess the good news is we will definitely be enjoying a white Christmas!!! Yeah!!!

I did get all of my shopping done yesterday. Mouthy and Punk will be happy little boys I hope; as well as everyone else I shopped for. I really made an effort to buy gifts I thought people would enjoy – for CHEAP. That’s my game. I love to buy gifts and love to give gifts but I also enjoy keeping my money. 🙂

Tomorrow I have one job then it’s home to bake all day. People are actually paying me this year to do their baking! Crazy! I wish we didn’t live in such a small town. I would open a bakery! Maybe one of these days………

Peace Out!

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