Christmas – down to toilet style

Christmas started out wonderfully. (Hahaha) Kids woke us up 2 hours after we went to sleep, and AFTER they had opened their gifts. Sex Pot and I opened ours and promptly went back to bed for 3 hours! Kids then went to their grandmas while I stayed home and made deviled eggs and yeast rolls. Yumm-O! Then we were off to Sex Pot’s great grandma’s house. This is where the toilet gets involved. After lunch Sex Pot got sick, felt achy so I rushed him out of there to our house to sleep off the flu. I went back and got the kiddos and headed to my mom’s. We opened gifts there – had a great time. After we got the truck loaded and were heading to my grandma’s I called Sex Pot to check on him. He sounded like a drunk man 10cm dialated trying to push with asthma. (Nice description! – closest I could think of) I dropped the kids off my grandma’s and FLEW towards home. Took time to call his aunt and the ER to let them know I would be there shortly. I called Sex Pot back. Should have hung up and called 911. By the time I got him to the hospital he was rocking like an 80yr old woman on crack – moaning and crying.

L O N G story short – Er dr thought it was his appendix. Transferred him to Big City South hospital – where he was promptly CT’d and released with a nausea medicine script. No one could tell us what was wrong. They could only tell us it WASN’T his pancreas or gall bladder. Probably an infection in his intestine. Rediculous.

So, Sex Pot has learned Diluadid is his new best friend – and if he eats ham again I will kill him. 🙂

Today has been a calm day just lazing around. Lovin it.

Hope you had an awesome Christmas!

Peace Out!

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