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I have been perusing other blogs today. I have to say – I don’t know who you lovely readers are, but I’m glad I don’t have a hater blog. Wow. There are some opinionated people in this world who will go to all extremes to make people out to be liars and make themselves feel better.

Yesterday you would have found me in bed. All day. I had a migraine. A bad one. A 3 pill-er. Kids got shipped off to neighbors and my head was shoved under my pillow. Sex Pot came home and went to the neighbors so I could sleep it off. When I awoke he came home cleaned house and fixed supper. Maybe this blog should be THEcoolesthusbandEVER.

Today I cleaned the kitchen. Really cleaned it. I was gifted all new pans for Christmas (I asked for them….), so I had to go through all my other pans, re-organize, wash, etc. I even cleaned the fridge AND the dishwasher!

Mouthy and Punk have been enjoying their vacation. (I am on vacation this week too!) They slept in till after 10 this morning. Then I made them CLEAN their room. Other than that, they have been outside playing with the neighbor kids.

Hehe, funny story. Sex Pot wants to live in seclusion – saying he wants to be able to walk around outside naked if he likes. Well, we were driving back to town the other day and noticed a woods in the middle of a field right outside of town. Sex Pot made a comment about wanting to live in there. Mouthy said something to the effect of it not being far enough out. Punk looked at him and said “Look at that woods. Do you THINK you could see a man’s penis out there???!!” Hahahahaha, we about died laughing. Kids, gotta love them.

Peace Out!

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