Don’t try this at home. Well. The gym.

So, a friend texted me Tuesday night. “Hey cow, meet me at the gym at 5am!” Well, at least that’s how I took it anyway. This was just hours after another friend texted me. “Hey, I’m a cow now, and I know you are a cow. Meet me for Zumba at 5pm tomorrow?” Me being the awesome person that I am agreed to both. This is where I went wrong.

I haven’t worked out in a week. I agreed to work out with two friends separately in one day. Dumb, dumb, dumb………

Yesterday morning I did 35 mins on the treadmill and 2 times around the weight circuit. Puts me at about 1hr 15 mins for that workout. Zumba ended up being 1hr 10 mins. The instructor told us that 1hr class = 500 calories burned. Treadmill told me I burned almost 250 calories. No clue what the weight circuit cut, but I’m feeling awesome that I burned almost 1,000 calories yesterday! Now, last night? I wanted to die. I couldn’t move. My whole body hurt. Today however I feel amazing, and am excited at the Zumba friend genuinely wants to be my workout buddy. We are meeting at 7 tonight, then 5am tomorrow. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!

At last weigh in I am down 9lbs – in 1 month. I think that is pretty dang good considering it was DECEMBER and I practically baked all month long. Go me!

Next year, it’s on baby!

Peace Out!

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