Back to my deal shopping!

I stayed up way too late last night going through my coupon binders. Tossing out the MANY that expired with 2010, moving them around.

There are lots of blogs I read to help me prep my shopping trips. My favorite is Bargain Briana. She lives fairly close to where I shop so the deals she posts are most of the time spot on for me. She posts deals for each major store close to us, even as far as telling you what insert a coupon is in or posting the link to a printable coupon. She also has this awesome database – so if you are in need cat food and can’t remember which ad it’s in you can go to the database and find out. This saves SO MUCH time, rather than sitting and searching each and every ad you have.

Along with getting great grocery deals, I love playing the drugstore game! Buying things you may (or sometimes may not) need using coupons to earn reward coupons for cash off your next purchase. Using those reward coupons with store and manufacturer’s coupons to take your out of pocket costs down to nothing to earn even more reward coupons. For example: Here is what my two CVS trasactions are going to look like today.

Tran #1:

2 excedrin migraine, 2 excedrin pm @ $5.49 each = 21.96

I have a free coupon for one box                                – 5.49

I have two $2.50 coupons and one $1                    – 6.00 = $10.47 + tax out of pocket (OOP)

I will receive $10 back in extra care bucks (ECB)

Tran #2:

5 wisk laundry detergent @ $5 each                        = $25

I have five $2 coupons                                                – $10

I have $10 ecb from previous trans.                        – $10 = $5 + tax OOP

I will earn $10 in ECB back for a future transaction

So in total for the day my costs will be $15.47 + tax OOP with a $10 ECB coupon to use on my next shopping trip and I will bring home 4 bottles of Excedrin and 5 bottle of Wisk laundry detergent! Not bad!

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

Peace Out!

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