An enjoyable day at home


Mouthy and Punk went back to school today and Sex Pot had to work. I love days like today. I have gotten SO MUCH done. The last load of laundry is drying, the dishwasher is unloaded and the other dishes are done, I cleaned house top to bottom (toilets and mirrors too!), have baked a ham, cookies are in the oven and I’m getting ready to start frying some cubed steak up and get it in the oven. Candles are lit, candle warmer is on – my house smells amazing! Think – cookies, ham, and vanilla candles. . . mmmmm, mmmmm good.

After I get the steaks in the oven I get to chill till the kiddos get home. Zumba then gym from 5-7, home for supper, kiddos bathed and in bed and I get to RELAX!

I’m still getting back into the groove of my deal planning. Gonna take my chill time this afternoon to work on it some more.


I know I have readers! I can see it on my stats page. I have had my blog viewed by people every day for almost a month straight and I am just tickled pink. Who are you blog readers? 😉 Leave me a comment, I promise I don’t bite. Well, hard . . . Just ask Sex Pot.

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One Response to An enjoyable day at home

  1. EMTDani says:

    I really like that you have nicknamed everyone in your life to protect them, its a really smart move. Love your blog! Very cute- the header is adorable! Thanks for all the fun comments on my blog! You, my dear, ROCK! 😀

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