If I never post again. . .

know that I love you all.

I am going to Zumba (1 hour) tonight, a 30 minute break, and then to TurboKickboxing. I am praying I don’t die. Maybe I should fast?

I am not doing well on the scale. It goes up and down or stalls each week. I just want to see it go DOWN. I am gonna try just kicking it up in the gym this week, but if that doesn’t work I am going to have to kick the Diet Dr Pepper to the curb and change my diet. I am a results kinda person. I like to see things happen. Get things done. I was hoping to be able to do that without changing my diet. Oh well, no pain no gain right? (well, loss I guess)

I think I am going to re-advertise my business. I hope to pick up a couple more jobs and stow that money away to get Sex Pot’s business up and running!

I am going on a day trip Thursday! Whoohoo! Girl time!

Can you come and do my dishes? Please? Fine.

Peace Out!

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