Sunday funday

It’s 9:49am on Sunday, January 16, 2012. Sex Pot is cooking pork loin and ribs on the smoker. Mouthy and Punk are fighting about who is going to do what in the quest for a clean livingroom. I, myself, am perusing the internet, doing laundry, and blogging.

I stayed up till the wee hours of this morning watching videos on youtube. I found Weeds, Season 6 online, posted on there! I love Weeds. Their type of humor is just our style. (For the record – nope, nada, never have I partaken.) So I did what any other level headed person would do. Stayed up till almost 4am watching all but the last 3 episodes. This has taken t.v. to a whole new level for me. We do not have cable tv or satellite. We have the good ‘ole digital antennae with the digital converter box.  We get a few major networks and lots of the small ones, as well as Netflix so we are good to go now. Not that we are ever home during the week to actually watch said t.v. (hence the reason for getting rid of the cable to begin with).

So, let’s talk about exercise. Last week I put in almost 6 hours working out between M-W, and have done nothing since. I’m thinking this probably wasn’t the way to go. This week I am going to try for something more manageable. By Wed night I was SORE. Maybe if I don’t work out other than Zumba on M and W that will help. My schedule this week should look a little like this. M – 1hr Zumba T – 60-90 mins gym W – Zumba TH, F, Sa – 60-90 mins gym Sunday – day of rest. I have went back to diet dr pepper from the stupid binge of pepsi I started again. If the workout schedule and diet dr pepper don’t give me good results, next week it’s back to no pop for me. I have been a gym member for 1.5 months, going at least 4 times every week and it’s not done me any good. Boo.

Well, I need to get off here peeps. Homemade mac-n-cheese just won’t make itself dangit!

Peace Out!

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