So in love

I love Sex Pot. I know, I have never talked about it before right?

Lemme give you some history.

Sex Pot and I met way back when. 21 years ago. I have known him much longer than I’ve not. I was in 5th grade. He was in 7th. I honestly don’t remember anything significant about him up until the moment he broke my toe and stole my heart. ūüôā Yes, you read that right. I was moving in to kiss my LOSER boyfriend when out of nowhere Sex Pot ran up and stomped the ground my toe to surprise me so I wouldn’t kiss the nasty¬†freaking disgusting guy. Thing was, he had a girlfriend – and I obviously had a boyfriend – but that didn’t matter. Fate intervened that day and it was love.

Middle school love is crazy. Rumors fly like no tomorrow. He waited a whole MONTH before he kissed me – and then he asked permission before hand in a note. Three short months into our relationship the school year ended. Sex Pot had to travel halfway across the U.S. to spend the summer with his grandparents and I was¬†devastated. Weeks went by with no contact. I was so sad. Stupid kids called and convinced me that they had talked to him and that he had a girlfriend out there and told them to tell me we were breaking up. I was crushed. It was short lived as I¬†received¬†a CARD from him the very next week professing his undying love. I wrote back immediately. Agh….

Lots of things have happened since that summer. We stayed together almost 4 years. I found out I was moving. We broke up. He ended up marrying someone a whore who is now a friend and client of mine, and divorced before their first anniversary. He came back numerous times in his marriage when they were seperated, and I welcomed him each times with open arms (and let’s be honest – legs). He found other flings, who all invariably came and went. I met someone, and became engaged. Honestly he was just a fill in, as were all of Sex Pot’s flings.

I started talking to him again midway through senior year, on the down low. My parents would have killed me. When it was time to send out graduation open house/graduation ceremony invites, I sent them to his entire family. NO ONE knew until the caravan of cars pulled into my yard – hahaha. That was a great surprise. As a matter of fact I yelled “I invited them all! Everyone Shut Up and BE NICE!” My overprotective uncles were there. Heck, my¬†fianc√©e was there. Sex Pot stayed by my side the entire night as my¬†fianc√©e hid in the corner. I knew from that moment on, we would be together forever. Now, it was a good month before I let my fiancee in on that quite important piece of information. . .

I turned 18 in July. Sex Pot had helped me buy a car that sat parked in my drive. One day I packed all of my earthly belongings in that car. Bookshelf and all. I waited until my brother and sister got home from school and told them. Shortly after my parents got home. The car wasn’t insured yet, so dad wouldn’t let me take it, but he told me to call Sex Pot and have him pick me up instead of me walking to him (a good 30 mile walk it would have been). I made that call, kissed everyone goodbye and walked to town to await my prince on his white stallion in his white camaro.

We were married two months later. My family attended, and my dad sobbed like a baby as he walked me down the aisle.

I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


Peace Out!

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