Mom is still nestled all snug and drugged in her hospital bed. My sister in law is gonna pop out a new neice for me with-in a week. My nephew was briefly hospitalized last night. It’s been crazy round my house.

I took this morning as a personal health day and went and got my hair cut and eyebrows waxed! I go to a beauty school in Big City North – on Tuesday and Wednesday it is only $3 for a haircut! Today WITH TIP I paid $10! Love it. I asked for someone who could do something funky with my already short do, and I was blessed! The girl she had do my hair rocked! I will definitely be requesting her every time from now on. She graduates in 2 months though. BOOOO! She lives North of Big City North, so it is unlikely she will be cutting hair anywhere close. I can hope though, right?!

My kitchen is a mess. Laundry is almost done. I need to figure something for supper so that hubby can cook while I am at Zumba, then kickboxing tonight. Yuck!

The weather here is still major suckage. Cold and snowy – with freezing rain heading in tonight.

I’m getting in a better mood as the day goes on, hallalujah!

Peace Out!

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