We survived!

We are alive! We never lost power! Whoohooo!

We have a whole lot of ice. A whole lot of sleet. Very little snow. School is out for the 3rd day now. Sex Pot even had a snow day yesterday! Our county had the red spot of death. That meant emergency personnel only on the roads. If you got out and got stuck or in a wreck you were subject to big big fines. Totally not worth the risk, so we stayed in bed 75%  of the day.

I did some cooking again yesterday. I made my first from scratch cake! Cake and icing made completely from scratch! I even attempted it being a layer cake. It ended up being a leaning tower of chocolatey goodness hershey kiss cake. 🙂 Also helped Sex Pot make supper. He cut some chicken breast into strips, battered and fried them. They were amazing. I made the sides: broccoli and cheese casserole, corn, mashed potatoes and yeast rolls. We ate good. 🙂

I have the kiddos cleaning up their half of the house now. There really wasn’t a point before now, but I’m guessing we have school tomorrow. HALLELUJAH! This means I can have some peace and quiet~get out of the house~get some groceries~whatever the crap I want!

What did YOU do this week?

Peace Out!

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