So much I could be doing. . .

Like working  (cause I was supposed to!)

enjoying watching my tv (but Punk is home sick so I can’t)

cleaning (but my stuff is in the truck)

organize my coupons (again, in the truck)

So, I am making some chex mix and doing laundry. I’ve already done the dishes and have gotten stuff out to make spaghetti for supper. Quite the boring day it is.


Sex Pot has been sick. Took him to ER the other night. It was a repeat of Christmas. This time they think gallbladder. Had an ultrasound yesterday and goes to the doctor tomorrow to get results. I’m guessing if it is clean he will be getting scoped again. He is in horrible amounts of pain and doesn’t feel like he can eat because everything makes him hurt. I don’t like it one little bit.

Also, we paid off the truck last week! Whoohoo! Less than 8 hours later the Service Engine Soon light came on. We think the oil gasket blew. Sex Pot also noticed that the hub we replaced last summer is grinding again. Advice: don’t pay off vehicles. They instantly go to crap.

Peace Out!

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