Ya remember when I blogged everyday?

This week has been a big ole bottle of suck with a cherry on top.

Suck – Punk sick Tuesday. Rearranged work schedule to accommodate.

Suck – Had to take mom to ER in the middle of my work day on Wednesday.

Suck – Sitting up all night at the hospital with my bro and sis-in-law Wed night waiting on Cherry to arrive. Which she did not.

Suck – Flying home to get Sex Pot up to take him to hospital for his HIDA scan.

Suck – HIDA scan took 3hours instead of 1.5hours.

Suck – HIDA scan took 3hours because Sex Pot’s gall bladder is non functioning.

Suck – had to RUSH to get job done after HIDA scan because Mouthy had a dentist appointment Thursday.

Suck – Thursday I only got to take a 2hr nap after being up all night Wed.

Suck – Had to go to Dr today because I am crazy sick. Upper Respiratory Infection. Dr. also told me about Sex Pot’s need to have gall bladder removed while I was there.

Suck – We have no insurance.

Not suck – my baby brother’s first child was born Wednesday late morning. She will be known as Cherry because she was definitely the bright spot to my week.


I will try to put together something better this weekend. Promise. However I must now succumb to the codiene. Goodnight.

Peace Out!

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