I’m sorry. . . so sorry. . .

I think life has slowed down now. Like as in less than 2 hours ago.

What a week!

I was sick last weekend. It has held on to me – strong. TODAY is the first day that I haven’t needed to take a nap by noon. Yesterday I held out till 3:30, but then accidentally crashed for two hours. Thank goodness for the neighbor coming over to use the computer! He saw me crashing and took Mouthy and Punk to his house so I could stay asleep.

I am actually feeling almost 100% now. Hoping to get the house in order tomorrow. Sunday will bring lunch at Sex Pot’s grandma’s, then we are heading to State Capital to visit my newest niece! Sex Pot and the kiddos haven’t met her yet, so I am so excited to get to go again! My brother has texted me a picture every day so far – love it.

We got ahold of the hospital and the surgeon on Wednesday – scheduled an appt for next Tues. They called back last night and moved him to Monday so that they can get him in for surgery NEXT WEEK!!!! Thank God!!! I will be so happy when he is on the mend! Also, thank God for the little dab of tax money we had in the bank. It is just enough to get us through a week of Sex Pot not working after surgery. Phew!

Mouthy stayed with his grandparents last Friday so he could make his Civil War collage. Sex Pot’s father LOVES history, so when the assignment sheet came home it went straight to Papa. It is huge and totally over the top for a 4th grade history project. They had a fun time doing it – I’m glad the kiddos got to spend the quality time there.

I haven’t worked out this week. MUST. GO. NEXT. WEEK.

Sorry I was a crappy blogger this week. Barring anymore complications, I will talk to you soon!

Peace Out!


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