Monday Monday Monday

Here I sit, all alone. In the livingroom, the only one home. (hehehe, I made a rhyme)

So. You would think that when a guy on a forklift has to load a metal shed in a box into our truck – that I would know I can’t lift it alone, right? Well. It had gotten rained on, so I went out to try and tilt it up to get the water off the top. Didn’t work. Not well at all. I pulled my back. Go see my dr at 3:30 today. I just can’t get the knot in my back to go away. Booo.

Since moving – we have cable now. I am seriously addicted to shows again. Housewives of (all those cities), Tori and Dean shows, Ghost Hunter shows. UGH.

Today was the first day back for the kiddos from Spring Break. We didn’ t do much this year. Saturday we did do a movie theater marathon. Went to Big City North to see Hop – so so so funny. Loved it. Then came back to the town we live in to see the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. It was funny, ok. I liked Hop much better. We took the two neighbor redheads with us to Wimpy Kid, so the kids had a great day. Then they went home with them – good night for me! 🙂

Sex Pot has passed out twice now. I am going to mention that to the dr today when I am there for sure!

Peace Out!

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