Today is better

So, my back feels much better today. Score! The dr said I damages my sacarilliac something or other.

I am currently sitting in the library enjoying the free wifi. Waiting on my meeting with an advertising person for the paper in Big City North. My business could use some free advertising 🙂 Hopefully this helps and I pick up some business. Need to sock back the money so we can procure a place of our own. It has been awesome living with the in-laws so far. Mother – in – law has cooked the past couple of nights since my back has been killing me. Again, Score!

I have done some reading while sitting. I read Kate Gosselin’s book to her kids. Well, I should say I started it – then wanted to gag so I stopped. I have this kind of love/hate relationship with her. Book is definately a hate. I did read sTori Telling – Tori Spellings first book. Loved it. I seem to love her lately. I sat and watched re-runs of her show for like a week. Lost lots of sleep staying up to watch. I also started to read Heather B. Armstrong’s (Dooce) book. But if you have read her blog, you know the book. It is basically the same stuff.

Anyone have any book suggestions?

Peace Out!

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