So much I could be doing. . .

Like working  (cause I was supposed to!)

enjoying watching my tv (but Punk is home sick so I can’t)

cleaning (but my stuff is in the truck)

organize my coupons (again, in the truck)

So, I am making some chex mix and doing laundry. I’ve already done the dishes and have gotten stuff out to make spaghetti for supper. Quite the boring day it is.


Sex Pot has been sick. Took him to ER the other night. It was a repeat of Christmas. This time they think gallbladder. Had an ultrasound yesterday and goes to the doctor tomorrow to get results. I’m guessing if it is clean he will be getting scoped again. He is in horrible amounts of pain and doesn’t feel like he can eat because everything makes him hurt. I don’t like it one little bit.

Also, we paid off the truck last week! Whoohoo! Less than 8 hours later the Service Engine Soon light came on. We think the oil gasket blew. Sex Pot also noticed that the hub we replaced last summer is grinding again. Advice: don’t pay off vehicles. They instantly go to crap.

Peace Out!

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Sick and Baby

I am sick. Sinus crap has reered it’s ugly head again. Achy, sore throat, runny nose, drainage, YUCK. I don’t feel well at all. Mouthy and Punk are feeling it too. Meds all around!

Mouthy and Punk got to go to school on time yesterday! Yeah! It snowed here again on Saturday – 6.5 inches. Enough already, yo!

Cinnamon rolls baking in the oven smell delicious.

Tomorrow I am blessed enough to become an auntie again! My brother’s first baby is set to arrive sometimes tomorrow. I can’t wait. My sister took her kiddos and moved to BFE two states over so I don’t get to love on them like I want to . 😦

So sickness, TAKE A HIKE!

Peace Out!

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We survived!

We are alive! We never lost power! Whoohooo!

We have a whole lot of ice. A whole lot of sleet. Very little snow. School is out for the 3rd day now. Sex Pot even had a snow day yesterday! Our county had the red spot of death. That meant emergency personnel only on the roads. If you got out and got stuck or in a wreck you were subject to big big fines. Totally not worth the risk, so we stayed in bed 75%  of the day.

I did some cooking again yesterday. I made my first from scratch cake! Cake and icing made completely from scratch! I even attempted it being a layer cake. It ended up being a leaning tower of chocolatey goodness hershey kiss cake. 🙂 Also helped Sex Pot make supper. He cut some chicken breast into strips, battered and fried them. They were amazing. I made the sides: broccoli and cheese casserole, corn, mashed potatoes and yeast rolls. We ate good. 🙂

I have the kiddos cleaning up their half of the house now. There really wasn’t a point before now, but I’m guessing we have school tomorrow. HALLELUJAH! This means I can have some peace and quiet~get out of the house~get some groceries~whatever the crap I want!

What did YOU do this week?

Peace Out!

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Preparing for the storm

Last night we recieved enough ice that school was cancelled. We are currently in a reprieve. 10-12 hours of ice will be here in a couple of hours – so I am a cleaning and baking fool. Rolls, bread, chex mix, puppy chow, chocolate chip cookies, chili, taco meat. . . LAUNDRY.

I hope you all stay safe wherever you are! I’ve gotta get back baking!

Peace Out!

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We went and got a new snake today. Stupid. She does help fill up the huge tank we have though. LOL.

If radar isn’t lying, then it looks like we are 24 hours out from one HECK of a snow storm. Looks like we will be getting a whole lot of ice. Praying that it goes south a little as I would much rather have a lot of snow that ice. I like power. I like heat. I like clean laundry, and dishes, as well as the ability to cook. I don’t need to go anywhere. I will be just fine stuck home for a week. Just let me keep my power please!

Speaking of laundry and dishes, maybe I should go get them done now. 🙂

Peace Out!

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Oldest got a hamster a couple of weeks ago, so Punk got a snake. Fair right? Ugh. We have been feeding the snake dead mice as suggested by one pet store. The snake has been inhaling the dead pinky mice, so today we gave him his first live mouse. O.M.G. Don’t. #1. They move. #2. They squeak. #3. They wiggle. YUCK!!!

Shocked at how fast the wonderful state I live in deposited my state refund! 5 days! Whoohoo. Now come on Federal!

We are pretty chill around here on the weekends. Our big excitement this weekend is going to a football fundraiser chicken and noodle dinner. Good times I tell ya!

Oh, previously mentioned state refund. Yeah. It’s gone. However, our freezer is now FULL of meat! Yeah! 🙂

Dani – mailed out your yum yums today! Homemade chex mix and peanut butter kiss cookies. Hope you enjoy!

All of you, have a great weekend!

Peace Out!

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Need advice!

Ok, I need everyone’s opinion. My mom was admitted to the hospital because they accidentally found a blood clot on her lung. Not because she was coughing, had difficulty breathing, pain with breathing, nothing. Her dr. has yet to do a ct since being admitted and plans on discharging her Sat without doing one to verify the clot is gone. I know there are people who have to have clots manually busted or removed. The reasoning behind the plan to discharge then is because her test showed her blood is thin enough now. . . keeping her till Sat to figure out what dose of coumadin she needs to take to keep it there. I’m just saying she was not symptomatic to begin with, therefore I feel she needs a ct to verify it is gone. Thinking I need to be there in the morning for rounds to press my point. Input?

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Mom is still nestled all snug and drugged in her hospital bed. My sister in law is gonna pop out a new neice for me with-in a week. My nephew was briefly hospitalized last night. It’s been crazy round my house.

I took this morning as a personal health day and went and got my hair cut and eyebrows waxed! I go to a beauty school in Big City North – on Tuesday and Wednesday it is only $3 for a haircut! Today WITH TIP I paid $10! Love it. I asked for someone who could do something funky with my already short do, and I was blessed! The girl she had do my hair rocked! I will definitely be requesting her every time from now on. She graduates in 2 months though. BOOOO! She lives North of Big City North, so it is unlikely she will be cutting hair anywhere close. I can hope though, right?!

My kitchen is a mess. Laundry is almost done. I need to figure something for supper so that hubby can cook while I am at Zumba, then kickboxing tonight. Yuck!

The weather here is still major suckage. Cold and snowy – with freezing rain heading in tonight.

I’m getting in a better mood as the day goes on, hallalujah!

Peace Out!

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What a frackin day!

Long story short my mom had a test done that wasn’t even scheduled for to have done – and it’s a good thing they did! She went in for a CT of her pancreas, which just happened to also show the lower part of her right lung – and the huge blot clot sitting there!

So needless to say I am spent. She is nestled in her ICU bed now, Iv’s flowing, shots in her belly and tests ordered for tomorrow to plan out their course of action.

If you would, keep her in your prayers please.

Peace Out!

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Here. Meet each other.

I started a blogfrog community!

Talk. Meet each other.



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