Today is better

So, my back feels much better today. Score! The dr said I damages my sacarilliac something or other.

I am currently sitting in the library enjoying the free wifi. Waiting on my meeting with an advertising person for the paper in Big City North. My business could use some free advertising 🙂 Hopefully this helps and I pick up some business. Need to sock back the money so we can procure a place of our own. It has been awesome living with the in-laws so far. Mother – in – law has cooked the past couple of nights since my back has been killing me. Again, Score!

I have done some reading while sitting. I read Kate Gosselin’s book to her kids. Well, I should say I started it – then wanted to gag so I stopped. I have this kind of love/hate relationship with her. Book is definately a hate. I did read sTori Telling – Tori Spellings first book. Loved it. I seem to love her lately. I sat and watched re-runs of her show for like a week. Lost lots of sleep staying up to watch. I also started to read Heather B. Armstrong’s (Dooce) book. But if you have read her blog, you know the book. It is basically the same stuff.

Anyone have any book suggestions?

Peace Out!

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Monday Monday Monday

Here I sit, all alone. In the livingroom, the only one home. (hehehe, I made a rhyme)

So. You would think that when a guy on a forklift has to load a metal shed in a box into our truck – that I would know I can’t lift it alone, right? Well. It had gotten rained on, so I went out to try and tilt it up to get the water off the top. Didn’t work. Not well at all. I pulled my back. Go see my dr at 3:30 today. I just can’t get the knot in my back to go away. Booo.

Since moving – we have cable now. I am seriously addicted to shows again. Housewives of (all those cities), Tori and Dean shows, Ghost Hunter shows. UGH.

Today was the first day back for the kiddos from Spring Break. We didn’ t do much this year. Saturday we did do a movie theater marathon. Went to Big City North to see Hop – so so so funny. Loved it. Then came back to the town we live in to see the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. It was funny, ok. I liked Hop much better. We took the two neighbor redheads with us to Wimpy Kid, so the kids had a great day. Then they went home with them – good night for me! 🙂

Sex Pot has passed out twice now. I am going to mention that to the dr today when I am there for sure!

Peace Out!

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Insomnia is NOT my friend

I have recently been striken with insomnia. This is not cool. I went to sleep at 4:30 am, only to have to get back up at 6:30. I worked a  full day today, housework tonight, and am blogging now. HA!

If I had to guess, I would say the insane amounts of Pepsi and chocolate I have been ingesting are the cause. Tonight I cut off my caffiene at 6pm, hoping to stop this nonsense. Although I am drinking decaf tea now – so I very may well be up all night peeing. Hmmm.

I am sitting down in the livingrooom at the in-laws watching the big game. GO BUTLER!

How’s your life peeps?

Peace out!

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I just won a blog giveaway on Cicatrix ! 🙂 Go over and check out Dani’s blog. She is a peach!

Today was a lot of work. We are stuck doing some remodeling/construction of Sex Pot’s parent’s upstairs and it is such a hassel. It will totally be worth it when it is done though, so I will let my complaining stop there. 🙂

Tomorrow is Sex Pot’s brother in law’s birthday so we are going to Sex Pot’s aunts house for yummies. I am still up helping mother in law bake some diabetic and gluten free food for the party. Good times.

I have to say – I am more content right now in life than I have been in a long time. If only I could resist this junk food. Kids are on spring break next week, so the following week my a$$ will be back at the gym. I have got to do it.

Well, the baking is calling me again. Sweet dreams everyone!

Peace Out!

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I’m back!

Thank you all for checking in on me! I am back now! We are settled in to our temporary living now. Sex Pot is feeling much better. Life just seems so much more settled right now, so I am hoping it stays this way. 🙂

What have you all been up to? I am trying to learn how to appropriately feed Sex Pot and Punk. Gluten free cooking isn’t that much harder, but just the overall shopping and checking every label is pretty time consuming. I made chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans for supper last night. I was afraid of the noodles after I got the dough mixed – it was very stinky. But I seasoned them like I would have regular noodles and they tasted AMAZING!

Our temporary living = upstairs at the in-laws house. So far so good! We have it all ready for the most part – just need to put up a new wall and a couple doors and it is done. Plan is to stay here and sock back the money for a down payment on a house in the country. Yeah!

Peace Out!

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What’s up?!

Let me just say the last month have been hell.

To sum it up:

Sex Pot’s gall bladder surgery.

Sex Pot spent 7 days in the hospital.

I came home and found our house on fire.

I hope to be back to regular posting soon! Love you!

Peace Out!


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I’m sorry. . . so sorry. . .

I think life has slowed down now. Like as in less than 2 hours ago.

What a week!

I was sick last weekend. It has held on to me – strong. TODAY is the first day that I haven’t needed to take a nap by noon. Yesterday I held out till 3:30, but then accidentally crashed for two hours. Thank goodness for the neighbor coming over to use the computer! He saw me crashing and took Mouthy and Punk to his house so I could stay asleep.

I am actually feeling almost 100% now. Hoping to get the house in order tomorrow. Sunday will bring lunch at Sex Pot’s grandma’s, then we are heading to State Capital to visit my newest niece! Sex Pot and the kiddos haven’t met her yet, so I am so excited to get to go again! My brother has texted me a picture every day so far – love it.

We got ahold of the hospital and the surgeon on Wednesday – scheduled an appt for next Tues. They called back last night and moved him to Monday so that they can get him in for surgery NEXT WEEK!!!! Thank God!!! I will be so happy when he is on the mend! Also, thank God for the little dab of tax money we had in the bank. It is just enough to get us through a week of Sex Pot not working after surgery. Phew!

Mouthy stayed with his grandparents last Friday so he could make his Civil War collage. Sex Pot’s father LOVES history, so when the assignment sheet came home it went straight to Papa. It is huge and totally over the top for a 4th grade history project. They had a fun time doing it – I’m glad the kiddos got to spend the quality time there.

I haven’t worked out this week. MUST. GO. NEXT. WEEK.

Sorry I was a crappy blogger this week. Barring anymore complications, I will talk to you soon!

Peace Out!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am feeling better than yesterday! I even worked this morning!

LOL. I am pretty wild and crazy. I love doing crazy things to my hair. Well, this may just top the list. I just dyed it myself. No big deal, do that all the time. One color. This time I picked two. 🙂 I just streaked it red, with my normal dark brown everywhere else. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day Sex Pot!

Peace Out!

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Today I am beginning to feel better. I thought I might die yesterday. I slept for 22.5 out of 24 hours I believe. Hacking up snot is not a pleasant process. It makes me gag. It also felt as though someone was ripping off layers of throat with a dull knife every time. I have to go back to work tomorrow so I have made myself not take my codeine today as a test run. It knocks me out. I still am a little congested and have some cough with the drainage, but it is much better than it was. I am mainly weak. I don’t really have much of a voice either. Kiddos and Sex Pot are happy I believe.

It’s amazing what happens to a house when mom is down. Sex Pot did have the kids pick up the living room, and he tackled the kitchen and our bedroom. I had to go help Mouthy find his trunks for swimming tomorrow. Not good. Their bedroom is TRASHED, as well as their closet. I am off on Wednesday, so that will be the day I tackle that mess.

Well, gotta run. I have to wash my rags for work and it’s already 8pm.

Peace Out!

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Ya remember when I blogged everyday?

This week has been a big ole bottle of suck with a cherry on top.

Suck – Punk sick Tuesday. Rearranged work schedule to accommodate.

Suck – Had to take mom to ER in the middle of my work day on Wednesday.

Suck – Sitting up all night at the hospital with my bro and sis-in-law Wed night waiting on Cherry to arrive. Which she did not.

Suck – Flying home to get Sex Pot up to take him to hospital for his HIDA scan.

Suck – HIDA scan took 3hours instead of 1.5hours.

Suck – HIDA scan took 3hours because Sex Pot’s gall bladder is non functioning.

Suck – had to RUSH to get job done after HIDA scan because Mouthy had a dentist appointment Thursday.

Suck – Thursday I only got to take a 2hr nap after being up all night Wed.

Suck – Had to go to Dr today because I am crazy sick. Upper Respiratory Infection. Dr. also told me about Sex Pot’s need to have gall bladder removed while I was there.

Suck – We have no insurance.

Not suck – my baby brother’s first child was born Wednesday late morning. She will be known as Cherry because she was definitely the bright spot to my week.


I will try to put together something better this weekend. Promise. However I must now succumb to the codiene. Goodnight.

Peace Out!

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